​Kristin’s Horse Sense mission is to provide a program for youth and adults that includes riding and care of ponies and horses. The goal is to develop responsibility through leadership and promote partnership without dominance, teamwork without fear, willingness without intimidation, and harmony without coercion - Horsemanship confidence.

Rachel Shupe and Sunny Boy 

Kristin Praly - and Twilight - Owner operator

Katelyn Praly - and Ginger

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​​​Horse Sense was created for the love and understanding of people and horses.

Here we build connection and partnership between horse and rider through step by step education. 

We start from the ground. Many people do not understand the value to grooming: 

Grooming is the opportunity to know your horse that day before you're in the compromising position of already on the horse figuring out their state of mind.  You will learn how to halter the horse, walk the horse and groom while keeping the horse's attention. 

You will learn biomechanics and the horse's physical, emotional and nutritional needs as well as build timing and awareness that directly translates to riding. 

Horse Sense builds leadership skills: Expect to be asked which horse you feel connected to riding that day, Also expect to be asked what you remember from prior lessons. 

Horse Sense instructors will be looking each ride to see what is happening  between you and your horse.

Best Laid plans~

We may plan to work of something in particular but if something else is presenting itself as needing to be worked on, we will work on that first. 

We always teach from the horse's point of view. Horses are constantly trying to communicate with us. We just need to listen. There is a way to work with them so they willingly ride with us. We don't have to "make them" we do need to get through to them, never sell them out and make it their best interest to be with us. 

Wishing everyone a wonderful time when in the company of horses.