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Local 4-H Club Members participating in the Santa Cruz County Fair

Edita McQuary
Sep 11, 2015



There is big excitement lately among the members of the local 4-H clubs — the Santa Cruz County Fair is being held on September 16—20, 2015 at the Fairgrounds outside of Watsonville. For the next two weekends, local 4-H groups are building booths and getting ready to participate in equestrian as well as various other events. They will also participate in presentations, entertaining, and leadership opportunities. These kids love their involvement in 4-H projects and community service and this is their chance to show off their talents and shine! Ben Lomond's Kristin Praly, owner of "HorseSense Education & Advocacy in Felton," who regularly participates in 4-H events and Ag History Days with daughter Katelyn, said, "There will be a Scotts Valley Section in the CrosettiBuilding and all local 4-H clubs will have booths showing off their creative talents. Galena Cantey and Katelyn Praly will once again entertain the crowd by singing favorite songs. Claudia Scott of "Claudia's Kitchen" will be there once again and many more local '4-H'ers' are participating." In the past, Kristin's students have driven the beautiful Clydesdales owned by Fred Silva. Two of Praly's students, daughter Katelyn Praly, and Jordan Randolph, are riding in the 4-H and Gymkhana events. Katelyn will ride "Slipn'Music" (also known as "Ginger"). She is the current President of the ScottsValley 4-H Club. As a senior Onyx Star member of 4-H, Katelyn is the 2014-2015 All-Star. She just received the Golden Clover Award and Outstanding '4-H-er' of the Year award. Her next goal is to become a 4-H State ambassador next year.

Jordan Randolph, age 11, will be riding "Cheyenne," owned by Mike and Charlene McIntyre, local community members. Jordan is Treasurer-elect in her 4-H group and she is an intermediate Silver Star winner riding in her first 4-H Show at the Santa Cruz County Fair. Poultry is another one of her interests — she is the JuniorState Champion for 4-H's Avian Bowl. Rusty the Pony, well-known to locals from the memorial mural located on Highway 9 and Graham Hill Road, will be there wearing 4-H green and carting children around once again. He is 17 years old but still frequently teaches children the value of connection, support, and horsemanship from the horse's point of view in the "HorseSense" program. There are five 4-H Clubs in Santa Cruz County-Boulder Creek, Corralitos, Felton, Scotts Valley, and Soquel. To contact a club near you, go to http://cesantacruz.ucanr.edu/files/161768.pdf

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