​Kristin’s Horse Sense mission is to provide a program for youth and adults that includes riding and care of ponies and horses. The goal is to develop responsibility through leadership and promote partnership without dominance, teamwork without fear, willingness without intimidation, and harmony without coercion - Horsemanship confidence.

Horses are athletes that do what we ask while carrying us. They feel the extra pressure our relationship puts on their heads, poles, jaws, sinuses, legs and backs.  Like all athletes who's bodies become out of balance horse's bodies also try to compensate. In this compensative state the horse's bodies are no longer in balance causing pain and decreasing their ability to move correctly and perform. 

Through light finger pressure on the skull and spine CST focuses on the many behavioral and performance issues stemming from head and jaw trauma, sore backs, locking stifles, and stiff legs.

Kristin works with each animal as an individual with a life history. She has the ability to see the body as a whole including their emotional, mental, and physical state. Through the session Kristin assesses what core imbalances are causing pain, movement and performance issues. Her goal is to provide relief, improve flexibility of movement and restore balance to the body promoting it's natural ability to heal itself.

Pain stemming from ill-fitting tack,imbalanced riding, tie-downs, pull-backs, kicks, TMJ & dental issues cause horses to compensate.

Many conformational flaws called “U-Neck,” “Down-Hill,” “Sway-Backs,” “Over-the-knee,” and “Croup-high” are really imbalances from compensation. Not only can you help your horse feel less pain, you can help your horse correct these imbalances and become healthier, stronger, and happier!  Help your horse become physically balanced and stronger so you both have more fun riding  together.

Kristin believes in sharing knowledge . It's important to share information with people so that they can understand and see what their animals need. Kristin not only helps the animal but empowers the clients so they can help their own animal to the best of their abilities.  

Help your horse perform with less pain. Sessions help bring lasting results including improved performance, movement, flexibility, health, behavior and is a huge reason why Kristin loves this work.  

$150 for first assessment includes write-up
$100 for regular in depth  session includes write-up
$80 for quick-tuneup session no write-up.

When we go to the dentist they make sure our jaw accepts the new work done on our teeth. That is what the little film of black paper is for.
Equines need the same consideration only it's more difficult for them to let us know what feels okay. Most still eat even though sore and in pain.
Even with the best equine dentals, the horse's and pony's jaws are affected. 
Help ease the soreness with CranioSaral Therapy. 
Why make horses perform with headaches? 
There is no need.
*Jerry Schmidt (left) is an excellent dentist who takes time to make sure your horse is comfortable and okay with allowing insturments in the mouth.  He takes time to make sure the jaw is set properly.  For more information on Jerry please see HorseSense Links.