At first he is not able to bear weight on his hind end.  By the middle picture he is starting to steady himself on the hindquarters and in the last picture he is bearing weigh on all four legs much more evenly! This means he is less lower back pain and can function. Also look at the difference with which he holds his neck. In the first he holds a ton of tension, by the third his neck is looking much less tense and he is starting to build topline!  This posture is due to the diligence of Horse Sense students and Kristin relaxing the muscles through message and through CranioSacral techniques learned in Maureen's Equine CranioSacral Workshops. Maureen is absolutely correct. It IS Posture and can Change!! From the point of a horse not being able to hold himself up straight to walking square. I recommend every horse owner take her Assessment Class or at least buy her video (see my links page).  The BEST thing you can give your horse is an Education.

Notice Shaggy's eyes in the before picture. His left eye is drooping compared to his right. In the after picture notice how much more level and open they are! 

Photo courtesy of Lumi Michelle Rolley in ECS2. You can see tension relief on the after photo.  Look for the softness in his eyes. We have provided detail such as the  yellow line for easier comparisons.

Currently Kristin hosts ECS Workshops at Covered Bridge Stables in Felton, CA with Maureen Rogers an internationally renowned leading practitioner for Equine CranioSacral Therapy. This page shows the changes and progress for more biomechanically sound horses obtained by students in the workshops.  All practitioners involved consent to share their information learned in the workshops for Educational purposes and those submitting may borrow results from this page. 

In 2011 Kristin was desperately looking for help for Shaggy who was diagnosed a neurological case and even when pumped up with Adaquan and Legend shots couldn't hold weight on all four legs.
 Kristin just happened to hear about Maureen and her CranioSacral Workshops. Kristin dropped everything all lessons, help at school, and housework! to attend the ECS 1 Clinic. This was the start of true recovery for Shaggy.  Slowly, through the techniques Kristin learned he was able to put weight on his hind quarters. Below you can see the difference in stance of Shaggy's posture while walking. On the left he looks about ready to fall, on the right, although weak he is able to biomechanically walk straighter.

In 2013 Kristin continues to study with Maureen and is learning all she can.  Shaggy has made some spectacular changes! Thank you so much Maureen for all your dedication, talent and know how! Shaggy is a maintenance case and with every clinic he gets better and better! 

Photo courtesy of Lumi Michelle Rolley. 

​Kristin’s Horse Sense mission is to provide a program for youth and adults that includes riding and care of ponies and horses. The goal is to develop responsibility through leadership and promote partnership without dominance, teamwork without fear, willingness without intimidation, and harmony without coercion - Horsemanship confidence.

"My horse, Shaggy, was having such issues with his back and pretty much everything else that I was beginning to feel his quality of life was not good enough to stick around for. He walked crooked, looked crooked, and was not allowed to "have fun" for fear he would make it worse. Today, thanks to the CranioSacral work Kristin initiated and her work with PT Reap, his back looks normal, he plants his back feet nice and straight, he can get out and run without being crippled the next day, and I'm envisioning riding him again one of these days.

THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! "

Nancy Wahl-Scheurich, CA

While Kristin was still learning she incorporated the higher educated help of PT Reap. Below you see Petey (PT) Reap working on Shaggy during his most dire time of recovery.
By the end of her treatments he didn't need to use his tail nearly as much to counter balance for his legs. He was able to walk straighter instead of crookedly trying to walk a straight line with each half of his body facing different directions.
NO drugs were used.  NO chiropractic
Note: All treatments have their place. The point here is CranioSacral undeniably allows the body to heal and regain biomechanical balance.