Total Health CranioSacral Therapy

$150.00 per hour and a half session: Kristin utilizes Equine CranioSacral  and pressure point techniques to relieve compressions and restore the autonomic nervous system. This method helps the vertebra free up independent of additional manipulation. Help your horse operate without pain and rebuild proper form.

Questions regarding  nutrition, saddle fit, hoof care, dentistry and riding with straightness welcome. 


is a separate entity and  charges a grounds usage fee:  $10.00 per person/per lesson

Horse Sense Lesson Pricing
 These are PRIVATE and SEMI-PRIVATE lessons only. Please see the schedule for bi-annual special group events. Give Kristin a call if you need further options.

Weekly Bi-Weekly Fixed Lessons : Monday, Tuesday, Thursday 
Weekend Flex Lessons:  Friday, Saturday, Sunday -as available
Wednesdays: Mom hat day. No lessons are taught 

*Please see cancellation policy for any questions regarding scheduling expectations.

Note: some classes are based on the horse understanding what you are asking. In these cases we take the time to end on a good note. We strive to start on time- every time, but horses don't keep time like we do. Please book your lesson with the understanding you will receive your full hour of our attention but we may have to add time to the end of your lesson. 

Trailer ride off location: ONLY available to current riders/students in the program. $225.00 for 2 hours per rider. $400.00 for 4 hours (lunch included) per rider. Dates and times may vary.

Forest Ride:$240.00 per couple- per hour  ($120 per person) 
Learn more about horsemanship and have a nice little ride in the forest!  This double's ride is both fun and informative. 
Limited to one couple per hour.  Afterwards, we recommend you try out the local cuisine to enhance a nice day in our mountains.
* If both adults are novice, for safety and fun we require a personalized session.  An attendant will be provided for an additional $20.00 fee. You will ride together while receiving personalized instruction. You will be amazed how much you learn !

Regular lessons: Compared to 1 hour $120 forest rate dedication rates are  ALWAYS DISCOUNTED! (yippie!)  NO package rate necessary- just come back because you want to! 
Adult Introductory First-Time 1 1/2 hour Lesson: $105.00

(ONE TIME ONLY RATE regular discounted rate thereafter $120.00) 
Expect an 11/2 HR session for your first time. Expect time to fly by while having fun time learning what you really need to know. Note: I call this a session, this means most times people want to stick around and ask more questions after their ride.  This is encouraged.  You will get plenty of opportunity and insight for your money!

Adult/kids  Lesson with Kristin: $85.00  per 1 HR Session  includes a Center Horse
You will be taught the fundamentals from Beginner Riders to Advanced Problem Solving.

Kid’s weekly/biweekly Assistant Teacher Lesson $75.00 1HR  Single rider. Students will learn how skills such as halter, groom, horsemanship, lunging, leading, games and ride each lesson. Awards available when reaching goals. Teaching leadership skills and supporting each rider is important.

Forest rides available during lesson times.

Kid’s Double weekly/biweekly with Kristin +Assistant Teacher: $160.00

*If available- 2 Assistant Teacher 2 horse  Lesson: $150.00 1HR  lesson

One  teacher 2 kids 2 horses: $130.00 Each child get's to ride their own horse!
*If a child is a novice rider Horse Sense requires a second handler to be with the second child. An additional $20.00 will be assessed.

Mommy/Daddy&Me Class with assistant coach:$50.00 1/2HR
Ages 21/2 -4 : Weekly or bi-weekly schedule.
5 SESSION LIMIT  before going to the hour time slot unless special arrangements made.

Mentorship program: $240 per month ( 2 hours weekly) Proceeds go directly to support the Mentors. 

Ages 10- on: Great for those wanting to learn more than just riding. You will be paired up with an Assistant Coach and learn husbandry skills in order to take care of a horse by yourself and keep a horse happy and healthy.  We will focus on connection, awareness and leadership skills as well as understanding the horse's point of view. 

Volunteer Program  - Please get in contact with Kristin for eligibility.

Students may volunteer for school credit. Horse Sense is a Vendor and is allowed to sign for school credit.

Home School coursework : Horsemanship , Equine Husbandry including nutrition,  basic Zoology and physical therapy courses level up through High School.



Available for Horse Sense students only- Space limited. $150.00 per student/day

T-SHIRTS!! for those coming both camp days. (each year has a different theme)

Please ask for more information- 10-3pm with lunch included. 
* We provide vegetarian and gluten free  NON GMO options. There will always be fruit and snacks including cheese. (No peanuts but other nuts available) Addition Special diet needs please bring your own food to fit.

Please see events page for summer dates. Ocean Grove, ICS students welcome .

Parents: If you want to get more familiar with how horses interact with us, please join us! No extra fee. For Kristin, teaching is educating those who might want a horse someday and parents need to be educated in order to help their children succeed.  For those parents who have other things needing attention during lesson time- Drop–offs also accepted.

HORSE SENSE CLINICS: Horsemanship, Cranio Sacral, Trailering, Problem solving, Reiki with Amber  Available upon request.

Horse Sense is an Ocean Grove vendor. Please contact us for lesson pricing. -Thank You

You can use the donate button to send payment via Paypal.
Please include  additional Convenience Fee: $5.00 bank processing fee for EACH $50.00 amount.  

​Kristin’s Horse Sense mission is to provide a program for youth and adults that includes riding and care of ponies and horses. The goal is to develop responsibility through leadership and promote partnership without dominance, teamwork without fear, willingness without intimidation, and harmony without coercion - Horsemanship confidence.

Customer Testimonials


Thank you for your incredible way of sensing how  best to help my horse Dakshina and I move forward. Through the entire process, I was appreciated how sensitive you were to each of our learning styles and personalities. I never felt pressured to move too fast, nor judged for what I did and didn’t know (and I think Dakshina seemed to respond in likeness to a similar freedom you provided him). I really felt that you taught us both volumes because you were so very present and so not egocentric! I really have huge appreciation for what you’ve done for my relationship with my horse and for my relationship with myself.

– Shivani, CA.


No matter what your discipline, English, Western, Gymkhana, Pony Club, Vaulting, or Trail Riding you can expect to learn and grow in your horsemanship.

Our horses are our Teachers.

Sessions are inspired by the horses, who are honest and reflect what needs to be taught. Our students can expect to learn how to catch,halter, groom, saddle and ride our horses in many different settings. You will have the unique opportunity to understand how different breeds feel on the ground and under saddle, and how anatomy relates to physical movement. All levels of experience and ages have something important to learn.

Lessons are taught in our lovely wooded parks, trails and local arenas.

Kristin’s program consists of Private and Semi-Private lessons.

Students will become the ‘Six Cs’ of confident leaders and be educated horse owners.